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Learn Stock Options ImageMy name is Christopher Smith, and several years ago I was struggling, just like you may be right now, to learn about stock options and how to use them to earn consistent profits.  I was on the proverbial quest for the "Holy Grail" of trading, and getting quite frustrated in the process.

After reading through several books on my own, and failing to grasp precisely how to trade options successfully, I decided to invest about $3,000 to attend a 2-day seminar with a nationally recognized options trading education company.  I learned quite a bit, but still lacked the insight and knowledge to make money.

Another $3,990 was invested in software promoted during the seminar, in the hope that it would provide me with the edge I needed to turn my consistent string of losses around.  Needless to say, the software didn't help.

I was quickly offered additional seminars to learn how to use the software I had purcahsed, as well as additional, high-priced "advanced" seminars to learn what was not taught during the 2-day seminar, and quickly realized that I would be spending tens of thousands of dollars...

Instead of running up an even higher balance on my credit card, I sought out others who wanted to study trading and options.  A small study group was formed and we tried our best to help each other learn how to actually make money in the markets.

That small study group quickly grew into a an active online community.  Word spread, our group expanded, and was born.

You are about to join that very same group where I learned how to trade options, the "secrets" that separate a small group of profitable traders from the vast majority of retail players, and much of the knowledge that cost me over $33,195 in seminars, software and trading losses.

If you've been thinking about attending a high-priced seminar, or a buying a "magical" piece of software, you might want to hold off on spending your hard earned dollars.  Provide me with your name and e-mail address, and I will enroll you in my stock options mini-course.  At the end of that course, you will have learned:

  • Stock Option Basics - the same introductory information that you will learn at an introductory options seminar
  • Advanced Option Spread Techniques - These are the same techniques being taught in the high-priced seminars and I will show you them in this free online course.
  • Realistic Expectations - Many seminar promoters inflate expectations to sell their high priced seminars.  What can you really expect to earn from your options trading?  I will provide you with realistic insight.
  • Trading Requirements - What do you really need to trade full-time or part-time?  Do you need expensive software, Level II Quotes, streaming data, and computer systems capable of launching the space shuttle, or can you do it with some basic tools?
  • Trading System Design - How can you reliably earn money in the options market?  Sign up below and I will share some insights with you. 
  • Option Pricing Models and Analysis - Don't be fooled by those who tell you that it is not necessary to really understand options.  It is... I'll explain why, and then show you why its not all that complicated.
  • Product Reviews - What's good?  What's not?  Let me spend my money to find out and I'll share that information with you.
  • And more...

You may not learn all there is to know about trading stock options, but you will learn at least as much as I did at my first $3,000 seminar.  You can always spend your money later if you feel that you want to know more, and I will help you find a cost effective way of gaining that additional insight and understanding.

Plus, when you enroll, we will also provide you with a free copy of our 2007 Stock Options Education Report and support through our Message Board.

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